About the CoatHook

The Best Undercoat Grooming Tool

Having fostered and adopted dozens of dogs and cats over the years, we’ve had experience with all kinds of pet fur — and lots of it. And we've recognized a need for a grooming tool that removes loose undercoat from dogs and cats without harming healthy attached undercoat or the outer guard coat.

So we developed The CoatHook, the first-ever pet-grooming tool designed to reach down through the guard coat to gently and effectively remove the detached downy undercoat that can become matted if left without attention.

The CoatHook’s long tines reach down deep, and the patented MicroHooks gently remove detached undercoat without cutting or damaging healthy attached undercoat.

It works exceptionally well for grooming cats and dogs with medium-long to long coats, and we’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that it works well on some shorter coats, too.

Click here for tips on how to use the CoatHook.

To see the CoatHook in action, watch our Kickstarter video below. (Note: Since this video was produced, our Kickstarter campaign successfully ended, the CoatHook design was patented, the handle shape changed, and the CoatHook is now on the market.)